Mitt horoskop for i morgen:

Daily horoscope:
You could be frustrated by others' lack of commitment today, Capricorn. You could try to make plans with people but they keep changing their minds about what they want to do. Perhaps they're emotionally insecure and afraid to take the next step. Don't let other people hold you back. Make plans and stick to them. Other people will fall into place accordingly. You don't need to prod them.

A gentle love may come your way today and help you create an environment of bliss and harmony in your life. This person could even be your perfect soul mate, someone as sensitive as you. You'll know him or her because you'll see your own light reflected in their eyes

Chinese horoscope, monkey:
Too much work can leave you feeling tired and unfulfilled. Stress brings the risk of running roughshod over other people's feelings. Take the time to really listen as well as talk. If dating, events can trigger a wild ride of conflicting emotions. It's easy to make assumptions that aren't true


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The High Priestess card represents an understanding of an inner female wisdom. This is not about overt things like finances or climbing cooperate ladders. This card shows a yearning for deeper awareness that can only be obtained through isolated inner exploration, not in the middle of large groups. This probably means that if you do resolve a question today it will be by quiet meditation rather than through talking to other people. The answer is within you, but may still be difficult to find. 

The future of the Sun card could represent the first ray of light at the end of a long, cold, lonely period. You are most probably heading straight toward the light and, step by step, leaving the memories of cold despair behind. In this aspect the Sun card can bring love or financial gain to you with little effort. Whether the literal elements of nature are involved or it was a storm of the soul, when this card represents your future, it brings a powerful radiance of hope,

Bare noe lite å lese 

Alt er fra siden 

Men nå legger jeg meg!



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