You know you're from Ann Arbor when...

S... Fant litt morsome ting om Ann Arbor p internett!
Ann Arbor er forresten nabobyen!

Admit it, Ann Arbor is special. You know you're from Ann Arbor when you have the Ann Arbor state of mind. What am I talking about? If you don't know what I'm talking about you are NOT from Ann Arbor.

You know you're from the Ace Deuce when...

> You know all the words to the Michigan fight song

> You know better than to drive through downtown on a game day

> You'd rather get caught with marijuana than alcohol (if you're under 21)

> You know at least one homosexual

> You know at least one vegetarian

> You know at least one environmentalist

> You are thinking of taking an adult class but you can't decide between yoga, aromatherapy, conversational Mandarin or building your own web site class

> Half the people you know work at the U of M

> You've been to the Art Fair

> You've been to Top of the Park

> You've driven down Hiscock

> You've seen that Nixon Bluett

> You know that a random sampling of the Ann Arbor population would be fairly representative of the United Nations

> You or a friend were thrown into an ESL class in grade school even though you didn't need to be there

> You went to Huron, Pioneer, Skyline, Community, Stone or Greenhills

> You hate drivers when you're a pedestrian, hate pedestrians when you're a driver, and think all drivers are terrible at driving except for yourself

> You know that Ann Arbor does not consist of only UofM campus.

> You know who Andreyka is (what what!)

> You experience blizzarding snow when it's supposed to be Spring.

> You go to a club or a bar and the bathroom stalls are filled with political, socio-economic comments

> You remember that Macy's was once Marshall Fields, was once Hudsons and that Von Maur was once Jacobson's

> You remember the CD shop on State street that is now Potbelly's

> You remember various stores on South U that only existed for a few months (i.e. cool waves)

> You don't stop for traffic when crossing the street

> You almost feel bad throwing away a flyer for a free concert or benefit 30 steps after that nice person handed it to you in the Diag

> NYPD is not the's just delicious

> You don't pour fish food in the fish bowl, you write papers in it

> There's a stairway to to a Jimmy Johns

> You see cars driving on the sidewalk

> You find yourself standing less than 5 feet away from a squirrel on a regular basis

> You remember listening to Shaky Jake as a kid, and now own a shirt with his face on it

> You wasted several afternoons playing Jenga at Bubble Island after high school

> You remember what the Showcase Cinemas looked like before they remodeled it into an arcade

> You refuse to frequent Starbucks, and insist on supporting locally owned coffee shops like Sweetwater's and Cafe Ambrosia

> You have hunted easter eggs in the snow.

> You've been to the arb!

> You refuse to eat Ben and Jerry's just because they opened up next door to Stucchi's. )

> You remember when Bivouac was a real outdoors store...and Wilderness Outfitters was still much better.
> You know NOT to go to Scorekeeper's or Rick's.

> You started going to Hash Bash in 7th grade....With your parent's permission of course ;)
> Running a naked mile in 40 degree weather seems like a fine idea

> Back room pizza is the best place in the world.

> Washtenaw dairy is the best place to get ice cream.

> Your parents *took* you to your first Hash Bash in 7th grade!

> You know the directions to Columbus are: South until you smell it, East until you step in it.

> You also know you're from ann arbor when you know what a DIAG RAT is

> You've gone to backroom pizza 3 times in the same day.

> You've seen and can testify to the Hippy Beetle

> You've seen boob man [bra man?]

> You are familiar with the Fish Car, the Toys Car, and the AATA Flower Bus-- for example, "I saw the Fish Car today!" is an acceptable conversation started...

> You know you are better than those Ypsi bitches!

> You know how to pronounce Ypsilanti.

> You are very proficient at driving on dirt roads.

> You know your from AA when a trip to the SSS (Safe Sex Store) was a regular after school activity.

> You know you're from Ann Arbor when you go by the gaming center and roll your eyes b/c of all the guys in there just sitting playing Mario on a 75 degree summer day. (

> You could be about 5 blocks away sometimes hear people cheering in the stadium on game day.

> You've spent an entire day just sitting in the diag

> You can sit out at night and hear the Michigan marching band playing.

> You know about the fairy doors and have seen all of them (Jasmine Star Brown)

> You've seen no face (Jasmine Star Brown) ???

> You have met the legend that is Shakey Jake (Ben Durham)

> You have seen that guy by vets doing martial arts (Naja Griffin)

> You attend Frat parties....but you are in the 7th Grade (Shaun Jeffries)

> You received a $10 ticket for possession under an ounce. (Shaun Jeffries)

> You attend frat parties and you tell the college kids you live in West Quad and that you're a liberal arts major to try and cover up that fact that you're in junior high. (Tina Seifert)

> And to think that we (Tina Seifert) lived together/dated when we were 16......Crazy. Oh, I guess that's one more to add. You move out of your parents house at 16 and live with a Girl. (Shaun Jeffries)

> The booths in both drakes and the flame bar, food court in tally hall (hell), when borders was actually locally owned, and that the downtown borders was originally jacobsons before they moved to B-world. Loving spoonfull on Main st. (Sarai Koster-Mockeridge) ???

> You remember Faz of Hello Faz and he personally offered you free cheesy bread at least once. (Sarai Koster-Mockeridge) ???

> Your 10 year old berates you for taking her to a Doctor's appointment at Domino's farms because of Tom Monaghan (this happened to me today!) (Sarai Koster-Mockeridge) ???

> The idea of taking your toddler to a music class in a church that is also a synagogue or a synagogue that is also a church is totally normal. (Sarai Koster-Mockeridge)

> You wear your birkenstocks with dress socks, and so does your clergy-person. (Naomi Zikmund-Fisher)

> You still miss the limeade at Drake's though it's been closed for a million years. (Sally Wright Day) ???

> You were lured to the 7th floor of Tally Hall for the "view" only to make out by the elevator. (Jen JOnes) ???

> You still remember the first time someone took to Dominick's in April for pitcher of Sangaria. (And you were taught to always get the pizza w/ Pepperoni Onion and Tomato because they'd call it a Pizza with POT.) (Tabitha Treber) ???

> You've pushed a friend around in a shopping cart at Meijer's while wearing your dress or suit after Homecoming (Alison Fillmore)

> You get frustrated by people who slow down in front of green lights with nobody in front of them, then read this and don't realize that you do it all the time (Rajiv Trivedi) ???

> You can't walk around Kerry Town on a Saturday without running into at least 5 people you know! (Kristine Heck)

> You know what a Fraggle is. (Jaime L. MacLangs) ???

> You've sang with Shaky Jake (John Preston)

> You remember going to "Second Chance" Christina Kelley Marshall ???

> If you went to Huron, you remember skipping school to hang out in Gallup park. (Christina Kelley Marshall) [and perhaps psuedo-ice-skating on the river XD]

> You've rang the bells at Kerrytown. (Christina Kelley Marshall)

> You know what and where the gum wall is. (Shelby Lynn Sommer)

> You ate at Bimbo's and threw peanuts on the floor. (Kathryn Rouse Masinick) ???

> The derby bar and the wonder bar still meant something...., when the falcon still had great music and when boogie woogie red was still a regular at the blind pig. (Maryvonne Sarfati)

> You shopped at Kiddie Land,Good year,ice cream at Jasons,soft serve at kresges,dial-a-ride,Cross-eyed-moose Jt Abernathy's place in the Nickols Arcade with the talking parrotShop keepers swept the sidewalks,the butcher shop that is now Zingermans.the Rubiyat,TV AL (Sonja Linder) ???

> You haven't concidered "that's what she said" jokes perverted since the 6th grade (Noah Mastie)

> Kids kingdom used to be the coolest place as a kid until chucke cheese ran them out of business (Brian Fingerle)

> "You wasted several afternoons playing Jenga at Bubble Island after high school" ...and whatever you wrote on those Jenga pieces is still there... (Randi Shaffer)

> You groan when you hear the art been to it WAY to many times...hehe (Enze Xing)

> Kids kingdom used to be the coolest place as a kid until chucke cheese ran them out of business (Lydia Brown)

> You've been to the briarwood mall so many times you could find everything with a blindfold on... (Evi Bernitsas)

> You get used to the bipolar it's 60 degrees on Tuesday and then 10 degrees on Thursday.. (Brianna Nicole O'Neill)

> You get frostbitten on Moday and a sunburn on Friday (Anna Anthony)

> You know what a2 ice3 means (James Golen)

> You know that Nickel's Arcade is in fact NOT a nickel arcade.. (Brianna Nicole O'Neill)

> You remember that Farmer Jacks used to be Wayside Theater across from Ypsi Arbor. (Tony Jones)

> You know how to pronounce Ypsilanti. (Sarah Rozaidi)

> You know at least 10 potheads (im not hatin) (Malcolm Shanks)

> You know exactly where to drive and park during Art Fair without paying. (Mary Catherine Roux)

> The Fleetwood at 3 am... if you havent been to the Fleetwood at 3 am, you havent been to Ann Arbor (Shauna McNally)

> You have personally painted the rock... (Katie Paige)

Jada, her er vi Rednecks vettu!


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